About Us

Pet Owner's Choice Brands is a wholesale distributor  and retailer of dietary supplements for cats and dogs. We are dedicated to the promotion of products that support Optimum Health for Pets and their people from the inside out.

Our products are designed and developed to provide a foundation for optimum health. Our approach is to support a healthy immune system as well as provide supplements that support a healthy urinary tract and a healthy skin and coat, as well as good oral health. Our newest addition will be DAISY'S OPTIMUM HEALTH ALL NATURAL STAIN AWAY, a combination of herbal supplements and cranberry suppliments, plus more.

DAISY'S OPTIMUM HEALTH products are all natural, providing the most essential nutrients which provide a foundation for optimum Health maximizing your pets quality of life. These products can be used together or separately according to your pets needs. They are designed with the highest quality ingredients at the most affordable prices.

In addition Pet Owners Choice Brands is the distributor for DAISY'S TEAR STAIN AWAY, which is our Canadian replacement for ANGELS' EYES. This product is designed to clear tear stains and saliva away with the active ingredient tylosin (this is the active ingredient which clears away the tear stains in Angels' Eyes)