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Ingredient NameIngredient InformationSupported Areas of Health
ALL 3 Omega-3s
ALA Omega-3
DHA Omega-3
EPA Omega-3
ALA, DHA & EPA Omega-3 fatty acids are considered essential fatty acids. They are essential to optimal health but cannot easily be manufactured by the animal body. For this reason, omega-3 fatty acids must be obtained as pre-formed molecules from the diet and optimized from supplements.

Extensive clinical research indicates that Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and help prevent risk factors associated with chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and arthritis. These Omega- 3 essential fatty acids are highly concentrated in the brain and appear to be particularly important for brain, eye and nerve health and function

In fact, puppies that do not get enough DHA Omega-3 fatty acid from their mothers during pregnancy and while suckling are at risk for being more difficult to train and not developing optimal eye development and vision.

Symptoms of Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency include listlessness, easily tired (fatigue), poor training / learning response, dry itchy skin, dull fur or coat, poor circulation and inflammation

European researchers have found that a daily high-dose of Omega-3 supplements were found to decrease the severity of symptoms associated with chronic disease that mainly affects joints of the spine and hips. The mechanism of anti-inflammatory action of omega-3 fatty acids has previously been proposed to involve the conversion of the fatty acids into the anti-inflammatory prostaglandins (PGs) of the PGE3 series.

Research studies further confirm an ever-growing body of science linking the marine fatty acids to improved joint health, in addition to a wide-range of health benefits, including good development of the fetus during pregnancy and protection from certain cancers.
Skin and Coat Health
Brain Eyes
Cancer Prevention
Anti Inflammation
Overall Health
Alfalfa Leaf
vitamins A, D, E and K s chlorophyll carotene potassium, calcium magnesium.
Alfalfa Leaf - is rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids... It contains vitamins A, D, E and K as well as chlorophyll and carotene and minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. It is non- allergenic and has been used by herbalists for many years to cleanse the circulatory system and soothing of the digestive tract, it also improves appetite and aids in the assimilation of other nutrients as well as lessens foul breath odour. Note: Alfalfa is an ingredient used in dog formulations only. Alfalfa should NOT be fed to cats. It is very important to only feed special formulations for cats.Phytochemicals
Cancer Prevention
Blood Cleanse
General Health
DHA Omega-3
A dry source form of DHA Omega-3 that provides an excellent and consistent high quality naturally protected DHA Omega-3 from a natural vegetarian source – micro algae. This is the same micro algae DHA Omega-3 is sourced from that is used in human infant formulas around the world today. 
Antioxidants & PhytonutrientsAntioxidants & Phytonutrients
Natural plant chemicals act as antioxidants and detoxifiers that naturally protect plants and confer these benefits to animals when digested. There are many different kinds of phytonutrients. When we include an abundant wide variety of these plant nutrients in a diet, we get some of the very same protection and benefits! This is why safe, consumable plants high in phytonutrients are called Super Foods.

Antioxidants are natural substances that help to fight harmful molecules called free radicals that cause

cell damage which can lead to cancer. Free radicals are created from a chemical reaction called oxidation which is a normal by-product of living things that are creating cellular energy by transferring electrons. Free radicals are also produced from tobacco smoke, air pollutants, radiation, sunlight, high carbohydrate and high fat diets. This oxidation damage builds up over time, leading eventually to the common signs and symptoms of aging, such as arthritis, macular degeneration, and cancer.
Cancer Prevention
Eye Health
General Health
Ascorbic Acid
= Vitamin C
It is important in a number of functions in the body including bone formation and an antioxidant. Ascorbic acid is effective in helping the immune system fight off bacteria and viruses that can cause diseases in your dog. Any deficiency of ascorbic acid results in dogs exhibiting weak bones and swollen joints usually accompanied by skin conditions.

Vitamin C is not put in many supplements because dogs and cats produce their own vitamin C however they make a minimal amount naturally. Vitamin C is only stored in very small amounts in their body. In fact, it needs to be replaced daily in your dog's diet or through supplementation. Any excess of Vitamin C will be excreted by your dog in their urine, which makes it impossible to be toxic.
Cancer Prevention
General Health
Atlantic Sea KelpAtlantic Sea Kelp - can be found on the rocky shores of the east coast of Canada. It is a natural food source that delivers a very large list of nutrients, including over 70 minerals and trace elements, growth hormones, vitamins, enzymes, and proteins which include iodine, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron.

-Atlantic Sea Kelp's chelated mineral complexes can help to increase energy levels
-Help boost immunity
-Improve liver function
-Helps with poor digestion, flatulence and constipation.
-Helps to maintain the health of the mucous membranes

Caution must be used in the amount used as there is a natural high level of iodine in Atlantic Sea Kelp. We use a carefully measured amount to ensure absolutely no issues of excess iodine being caused.
General Health
Blueberry Powder Dried Whole

Blueberries are considered to be one of the most beneficial health berries in the world with an ORAC score of 2,400. Foods with high Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) values are believed to help slow down/reduce the oxidation processes linked to aging. Blueberries are one of the richest sources of antioxidant phytonutrients.

- Brain research shows that blueberries may improve motor skills and actually reverse the short- term memory loss that comes with aging.
- Urinary Tract Health: Just like cranberries, blueberries can be helpful in preventing urinary tract infections.
- Eye Health: Vision researchers from around the world have shown that blueberries help to improve night vision and prevent strained eyes. Researchers believe that anthocyanin, in the blue pigment of the blueberry is responsible for the eyesight improvement.
- Cancer researchers have shown that blueberry compounds may inhibit cancer tumour growth.
Cancer Prevention

Urinary Tract
General Health
Borage Oil
gamma linolenic acid
= GLA "The Good"
Borage oil, an excellent source of gamma linolenic acid = GLA "The Good" Omega-6, is a little known secret for keeping dogs skin healthy and coats vibrant and shiny. It is natural plant oil that not only restores moisture and subtle smoothness to dry and damaged dog skin, but can also provide relief to pets that suffer from chronic skin disorders such as hot spots and atopic dermatitis. The great value of borage oil is that it is the richest known source (24%) of an essential fatty acid called gamma linolenic acid (GLA "The Good" Omega-6).

Dog and cats are capable of naturally producing gamma linolenic acid. In order to do so, they must have as its starting material linoleic acid (LA) another form of Omega-6. This LA Omega-6 is an essential fatty acid as it is not able to be produced by the body and must come from the diet. Fortunately pets and for that matter humans get plenty, in fact MUCH TOO MUCH linoleic acid Omega-6, in their daily diets since it is commonly found in almost all edible vegetable oils. Vegetable oils are commonly added to pet foods as an energy source.

Once linoleic acid Omega-6 is ingested it is acted upon by an enzyme called Delta-6-Desaturase (D6D) which biochemically converts LA Omega-6 into GLA "The Good" Omega-6. This is how animals normally get their daily fix of GLA. Note the importance of the enzyme D6D, without it there would be deficient GLA no matter how much linoleic acid was in the diet. GLA is further converted through a complex sequence of biochemical steps into a very important compound called "prostaglandin 1 (PG1)" which is a key molecule for maintaining healthy skin. Prostaglandin 1 (PG1) exhibits a potent anti- inflammatory effect on the skin and also is very effective in protecting the skin from injury and damage.

The D6D enzyme is often referred to as a "lazy" enzyme because it can be easily impaired and thus slow in conversions of basic essential fatty acids to their highly biologically active compounds. Individuals with skin disorders such as atopic dermatitis will show increased levels of linoleic acid while at the same time show a decrease in gamma linolenic acid. This strongly points to a reduction in the activity of the D6D enzyme. The consequence is a decrease in the synthesis of PG1 may be responsible for the characteristic dry skin observed. This is where the critical importance of borage oil with its rich source of gamma linolenic acid (GLA Omega-6) becomes evident.

When used as a dietary supplement borage oil can circumvent a "lazy" or impaired D6D enzyme by supplying the body directly with GLA "The Good" Omega-6, thus allowing the production of normal levels of PG1. Recent research studies have indicated that borage oil supplementation greatly increases PG1 levels in the skin and suppresses chronic inflammation. Evidence from animal studies indicates that skin disorders associated with fatty acid imbalances of too much linoleic acid (LA) Omega-6 compared to Omega-3 can be corrected through supplementation of borage oil. Actual similar research with humans has confirmed these findings, showing that supplementation of borage oil for patients with skin disorders can result in a direct improvement in the condition and health of their skin.
Skin and Coat Health
Reduces Itchy Skin Problems
Vibrant Shiny Coat
Anti- inflammatory
Bovine ColostrumColostrum is the fluid that a cow produces prior to regular milk production, lasting for approximately two to four days after the calf is born. Colostrum has no known toxicity and is a rich natural source of nutrients, antibodies and growth factors for the newborn.

Bovine Colostrum Use for Kittens & Puppies
Ideal to boost the immunity and health of young weaned kittens and puppies.
Burdock Root
Herbal Remedy
Burdock root has often been used to purify the blood by removing toxins that can build up in blood. Burdock root enhances the performance of many of the organs which purify the body and eliminate toxins or waste (like the kidneys, liver, colon, etc). This enhances overall health and helps correct disorders.

Burdock is a root that is found in Europe in Asia. It has many medicinal qualities and has been used in many herbal remedies. Burdock's active ingredients are arcigen, calcium, chlorogenic acid, essential oil, flavonoids, iron, inulin, lactone, mucilage, polyacetylenes, potassium, resin, tannin, and taraxosterol.

It is found to be the safest of herbs without side effects from long term feeding. It can safely be fed to pregnant dogs.
Blood Cleanse

General Health Tonic
Carrot Powder
beta carotene
alpha carotene
B vitamins
Vitamin C
Calcium, Potassium and Folate
Carrots provide beta carotene, alpha carotene, B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, and folate. They are also rich in enzymes that aid in digestion and absorption of food.

Beta-carotene is a very safe source of vitamin A. The beta-carotene is converted to Vitamin A by the body and depends on the level in the diet. If more beta-carotene is eaten, less is converted, and the rest is stored in fat reserves in the body.

A team of researchers from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in England and Denmark, found that the compound falcarinol found in carrots reduced the risk of cancer developing by over 30%.
Antioxidant Phytonutrients

Cancer Prevention

General Health
Cherry Powder
Tart Red Type
Antioxidant Phytonutrients
According to a study conducted by Michigan State University researchers, tart red cherries contain 17 different antioxidant compounds and can attack free radicals in the system and help protect against cancer.Antioxidant
Joint Health
Chia Seed Whole
ALA Omega-3
Soluble Fibre
Chia (Salvia hispanica) is a plant that originated in the central valley of Mexico. It is an ancient grain that in pre-Columbian times it was extensively cultivated by the Aztecs. It was one of the five most important food plants in that time. After the arrival of the Spaniards, this highly nutritious plant seed almost became extinct because of cultural and religious reasons.

Today Chia is once again grown in limited amounts for its highly prized seed, a food that is very rich in ALA Omega-3 essential fatty acids, IT IS THE PLANT OIL SOURCE with the most ALA Omega-3 content. Chia does not need to be ground to be digested as it is does not have a tough seed coat or anti- nutritional enzymes. The whole seed is used in order to deliver the maximum amount of ALA Omega -3 oil and health benefits.

In addition to ALA Omega-3 it also delivers a powerful addition of:
- Antioxidants
- A good source of B vitamins
- Supplies calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, and copper minerals
- High molecular weight soluble fiber
- Gluten free and has a high protein content
Skin and Coat
Health Support
Chicken Liver Dried Cooked Naturally Stabilized with mixed Tocopherols and RosemaryReal chicken liver - a very high quality easily digested protein source - minimum 56% protein - low in ash and ideal for growth and maintenance. Cats and dogs just crave the rich, dense nutrition of chicken liver. 
Chondroitin SulphateA number of clinical trials since the 1980s studied chondroitin sulphate and had found that it clearly helps with the conditions associated with arthritis of the knee and other locations such as the spine and hips. Most of the studies reported significant benefits in terms of reducing pain, increased mobility, and reduced anti-inflammation medication requirements.

Chondroitin is the most abundant glycosaminoglycan, the building blocks of cartilage and is partly responsible for the elastic flexibility and resiliency of cartilage.

Chondroitin is also very important in preventing the action of certain enzymes that destroy cartilage.

Most commonly chondroitin is taken in combination with glucosamine and MSM for a strong beneficial synergistic effect.
Cartilage Hip & Joint Health Support
Cranberry Powder Dried Whole
Cranberry (Vaccinium Macrocarpon) grows in damp bogs and is a low-growing evergreen shrub with leathery leaves and bright-red berries. Medicinal properties of cranberry have been recognized for centuries by Native Americans who used raw cranberries as a wound dressing. Early English settlers used the cranberry for a number of ailments including blood disorders, digestive problems, and to cure scurvy disease caused from vitamin C deficiency that causes weakness, gum disease, and spontaneous bleeding in the skin.

Cranberries are rich in a number of natural fruit acids including citric, malic, quinic, and others. The "quinic acid" in cranberry is excreted in the urine unchanged, which makes the urine sufficiently acidic to help prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Cranberries also contain, flavonoids, anthocyanins, ellagic acid, and vitamin C. Cranberries are rich in polyphenolic antioxidants that may help to protect against cancer and cardiovascular disease. The proanthocyanidins and other compounds found in cranberries may also help to inhibit tumour growth.

Research has shown that cranberry is very beneficial in preventing urinary tract infection. Cranberry prevents E. coli--the most common cause of urinary tract infections--from adhering to the wall of the bladder, making it much more difficult for infection to become established. It does not cure urinary tract infections; it only helps to prevent them from occurring.

Researchers have also found that cranberry also helps to deodorize urine.
Cancer Prevention
Urinary Tract Health
General Health
Digestive Enzymes
Digestive Enzyme Blend 7 Way Blend

Beta Glucanase Enzyme
Bromelain (Protease)
An enzyme is a protein molecule that speeds up chemical reactions. Each enzyme has a unique shape that determines its function. Each enzyme works on one type of targeted action.

Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics aids the digestion of high temperature processed cereal and meat meal containing pet foods. Maximizing nutrient adsorption and helping to speed up gut transit times helps to avoid slowly digested foods problems. Slowly digested foods with long gut transit time gives pathogenic toxin producing bacteria an environment to thrive and produce micro toxins that challenges and overwork the liver and suppresses immunity.

High temperature pet food processing techniques that overheat food ingredients or poor diet formulations or ingredient choices and animal genetics/age can greatly reduce the enzymatic digestion in the small intestine. This can lead to an increase in the overflow of undigested nutrients into the large intestine. This may lead to pathogenic bacteria overgrowth, toxin formation that may cause cancers and suppress the immune system, digestive problems, ingredient allergies, bloat, bad breath, flatulence and foul smelling gas.

Grains (protein and carbohydrate sources) are often added in large amounts and are very difficult for cats and dogs to digest as grains do not make up a large part of their natural diet.

The enzyme, Amylase has a shape that allows it to wrap around starch (substrate) and cut it up into individual glucose (easy to digest simple sugar) units. Digestion of starch begins in the mouth for humans, whose saliva contains amylase, dogs do not have any salivary amylase. Dogs and cats digest starches in the small intestine where they use amylase produced in the pancreas to break down starch. As dogs quickly wolf their food down with little if any chewing and did not evolve eating very much grain there would have been no reason for amylase enzyme to be in their saliva.

Cats are even more of a carnivore than dogs – dogs produce about 3 times more digestive amylase enzyme than cats.

Beta Glucanase Enzyme
The enzyme Beta Glucanase digests plant fiber which helps remedy digestive problems such as malabsorption. An important enzyme to add because the cat or dog's body cannot produce it on its own. Beta Glucanase helps in the breakdown of plant walls (cellulose), and increases the overall efficiency of binding excess toxins in the intestines for removal.

Beta Glucanase may be beneficial in helping to avoid Candida (yeast infections), bloating, foul gas and acute food allergies.

An enzyme complex, produced by fungi and bacteria, capable of decomposing cellulose into small fragments, primarily glucose that can be more easily digested.

Hemicellulase is an enzyme that breaks down hemicellulose. Hemicellulose categorizes a variety of polysaccharides that are more complex than sugars and less complex than cellulose, that are found in plant walls.

Is the name for a class of enzymes which breakdown one of the major components of plant cell walls into digestible glucose.

Lipase is an enzyme necessary for the absorption and digestion of nutrients in the intestines. This digestive enzyme is responsible for breaking down lipids (fats), in particular triglycerides, which are fatty substances in the body that come from fat in the diet. Once broken down into smaller components, triglycerides are more easily absorbed in the intestines. Lipase is primarily produced in the pancreas. In general, lipase digestive enzyme supplementation are thought to help the body absorb food more easily, keeping nutrients at appropriate, healthy levels throughout the body.

Bromelain (Protease)
Bromelain is present in all parts of the pineapple plant (Ananas comosus), but the stem is the most common commercial source, presumably because it is readily available after the fruit has been harvested. Pineapples have had a long tradition as a medicinal plant among the natives of South and Central America.

A popular natural digestive aid due to its ability to digest proteins. It's used for relief of bloating, gas and other digestive symptoms and as an anti-inflammatory. Bromelain is often used alone or in combination with other enzymes such as lipase, which digests fats, and amylase.
Digestion Aid
Fish Oil Micro-encapsulated

Wild Fish Oil of anchovy, sardine and mackerel body oils
Dry Micro-Encapsulated Wild Fish Oil Blend 18% EPA : 12% DHA ratio In dry powder formulations we use a dry form or fish oil. It is especially micro-encapsulated to protect the wild fish oil blend of anchovy, sardine and mackerel body oils. We use this dry micro-encapsulated fish oil to make certain that you are NOT feeding your precious pet friends rancid oxidized fish oils of any kind! Rancid oxidized oils are loaded with "cancer causing free radicals" that cause cancers and suppressed immunity. We do everything possible to AVOID RANCID FISH OILS in our products. Omega-3 essential fatty acids are extremely susceptible to become rancid through oxidation – the process of oxygen reacting with the molecular bonds of these polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) oils.

Lipid peroxides (found in rancid oxidized Omega-3 oils) start free radical process that damage fatty cellular membranes. These rancid oxidized lipid peroxides consume the body's store of vitamin E and other critical antioxidants that are used to neutralize them, thus leaving the body short of many of its natural antioxidant defences and susceptible to cancer causing free radicals.

We are always dismayed to see so many loving pet parents buy large bottles of liquid fish or flax oil as these products normally have a minimal amount of antioxidant additives as they rely on nitrogen gas

flushing at properly operated food processing facilities to keep oxygen (air) out of the oil! There may be just enough antioxidant additives to perhaps keep the oil protected in the cheap plastic bottle package but not nearly enough to keep them from going rancid from all of the mixing with air (oxygen) that happens from the daily dosing. The oil gets shaken and mixed up with air when people pour or pump out the contents resulting in RANCID OXIDIZED HARMFUL FISH OR FLAX OIL. For the first 2 or 3 weeks the REFRIGERATED fish or flax oil delivers natural Omega-3 natural heath benefits however then for rest of the time this supply of RANCID OXIDIZED oil lasts it creates all kinds of health issues instead of helping.

Micro-encapsulated fish oils are vastly technically superior over any free flowing liquid oil. However to have the peace of mind knowing that the omega-3 wild fish oil blends that we use in all of our dry powder formulations are still fresh and not rancid or oxidized is well worth it to you and to us. We trust that now that you know the difference you will agree.

Fish oils provide the essential fatty acids; EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). EPA and DHA are Omega-3s and they are scientifically linked to be necessary for good health. EPA and DHA Omega-3s are much more valuable to your pet's brain, eyes, nerves, and as a cancer preventative and anti-inflammatory than the ALA Omega-3 from plant seeds. Note: The benefits of fish oils, Omega 3 DHA and EPA are from the body fat of fish NOT the liver. Cod Liver Oil is not the same as Fish Oils. Cod Liver Oil has relatively low levels of EPA and DHA Omega-3 when compared to body fat fish oils. Cod Liver Oil is a very rich source of vitamins A and D. These vitamins are essential, and in fact, too little of either can cause allow health problems to occur.
Skin and Coat Health

Brain Eyes

Cancer Prevention

Anti Inflammation

General Overall Health
Flax Seed Organic Ground
ALA Omega-3
It has been well known for centuries that flax seed is a very nutritious beneficial food source. However what is not always well known is that flax seed is very difficult to digest because of its tough seed coat and natural enzyme inhibitors that prevent digestion. This means that un-ground flax seed just passes through the body and actually could still grow into a plant. Mother Nature's way of ensuring animals, birds and humans distribute plant seeds.

When whole un-ground flax seed is consumed there is extremely little nutritional benefit however there is a very large laxative effect. Flax meal also has a laxative effect as flax meal has had the omega-3 oil pressed out of it and very little oil is left however the laxative effect from the fibre. Grinding whole raw flax seed allows for much better digestion and nutrient absorption. Whole organic ground flax seed provides Alpha - Linolenic Acid (ALA) Omega-3 – the plant made omega-3 form which must be converted in the body to the EPA and then DHA to provide the many health benefits.

FIBRE AND LIGNANS- Flax seed is the richest source of lignans, providing 75 – 800 times more lignans than most seed and plants. Lignans are phytonutrients that are thought to help prevent certain cancers and help in reducing or slowing cancer tumours.
Skin and Coat Health Support

Cancer Prevention

General Health
Glucosamine Hydrochloride (HCl)Glucosamine is not present in any significant amount in most pet foods and if it is added it usually is not provided at an effective therapeutic or even preventative dosages.

Glucosamine typically comes from the shells of shrimp, lobster and crab or may be synthesized from a number of other sources. Glucosamine is an important building block used by the body to make specialized molecules called glycosaminoglycans, found in joint cartilage.

Glucosamine has been thoroughly researched and used for the treatment of arthritis and has been found to be very effective.

Glucosamine is available in several different forms. The glucosamine sulphate form has been used in most clinical trials and found to be very effective. Glucosamine hydrochloride (HCl) has been widely available as a human dietary supplement for years and has been found to be as effective or only slightly more effective than the sulfate form in humans or dogs.

Powders and liquid forms provide benefits equally well so long at the formulations deliver the same quantity of the glucosamine molecule.
Cartilage Hip & Joint Health Support
Green Lipped Mussel Powder Freeze Dried New ZealandGreen Shell and Green Lipped are trademarks owned by the New Zealand Mussel Industry Council and can only be applied to Perna canaliculus species mussels raised and harvested at licensed marine farms within the ocean waters of New Zealand. Freeze Dried Green Lipped Mussel Powder has been used to relieve the symptoms of joint inflammation, stiffness and pain throughout the world for over 25 years. It has proven effective when used alone and in combination with other well known complimentary natural arthritic and joint health ingredients.

Freeze Dried Green Lipped Mussel Powder is used for joint health in active athletic dogs where a high degree of strain on joints is experienced. It has been associated with improvements in mobility in those suffering from joint stiffness, swelling and discomfort.

The unique main components that have been identified as primarily being responsible for the beneficial joint health effects of Freeze Dried Green Lipped Mussel Powder working synergistically together are glycosaminoglycans, and a unique phosphorylated glycogen molecule.
Cartilage Hip & Joint Health Support
Herbal and Spice Essential Oil Flavor and Digestive Aid ExtractA proprietary blend of herb and spice oils that act as both a flavour enhancer and provides overall feed efficiency and digestive health by naturally boosting digestive flora and gut health.Digestion Immunity
Hyaluronic Acid High Molecular WeightHyaluronic Acid (HA) is used to improve lubrication of joints and to help cartilage become more tough and flexible. It is a macromolecule found in the synovial fluid that provides the viscous lubrication and

cushioning of joints. It helps to keep joints supple and strong. The highest levels of HA are found in the synovial fluid of all joints and the skin. It is part of the glucosaminoglycan extracellular fluid that occurs naturally in the body up until the age of adulthood. Levels start to fall after adulthood as part of the ageing process and thus part of the ageing of joints and skin. Traditionally, HA is derived from
Cartilage Hip & Joint Health
Skin and Coat Health Support
L-CarnitineCarnitine is needed by the body for the metabolism of fatty acids into energy in the cells. Thus, it helps the body utilize fat for energy while maintaining the lean muscle mass which helps reduce the overall body fat.

L-Carnitine has been proven to:
- Support healthy cardiac function
- Improve muscle force
- Convert fat to energy
- Support healthy liver function
- Ensure optimum energy metabolism of the senior dog
- Help to manage dog weight
Weight Management
Phospholipid Choline
Lecithin is an important phospholipid needed by all living cells and can be found in major organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys. Lecithin aids in maintaining overall health and is utilized by every cell in the body.

Lecithin is a good source of phospholipid choline, which research shows may help maintain and support liver health and cognitive brain function.

Choline is regarded as "The Newest Vitamin." Even though nutrition scientists have investigated choline for many years, only today are researchers starting to fully understand this vitamin. The National Academy of Sciences recognized it as an essential nutrient in 1998.

Enzymes that require lecithin play a huge role in overall health such as bile, which are produced in the liver, help with digestion and the breakdown of various chemicals inside the body. Without lecithin these enzymes would cease to be effective. Lecithin and choline are essential to liver function and health. Research has shown that even a few weeks on a choline-deficient diet results in a fatty liver, which can lead to cancer of the liver.

Choline is also widely regarded as being important in brain and mental development.
Healthy Body Organ Function Overall Health
Manno- Oligosaccharides (MOS) and ß-glucans extracted from yeast cell walls blend


Prebiotics are non-digestible food ingredients that stimulate the growth and/or activity of bacteria in the digestive system which are beneficial to the health of the body. They are considered a functional food. Typically, prebiotics are carbohydrates (such as oligosaccharides), but the definition does not preclude non-carbohydrates. The most prevalent forms of prebiotics are nutritionally classed as soluble fiber. To some extent, many forms of dietary fiber exhibit some level of prebiotic effect.

A specific combination of manno-oligosaccharides (MOS) and glucose (ß-glucans) extracted from the yeast cell walls of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. MOS are natural oligosaccharides, composed of various mannose chains, that block pathogen colonization within the digestive tract of the animal.

ß-glucans, essential components of yeast cell walls, are particularly important to support the non- specific immune system of the animal.

Health Benefits of Daily Fed Prebiotics
There is more mounting scientific evidence being reported of the symbiotic relationship between prebiotics and probiotics significantly contributing to overall excellent pet health.

- Anti-carcinogenic activity,
- Enhanced "friendly" microbial gut activity – especially Bifidobacteria,
- Boosting of the immune system,
- Improved calcium mineral absorption and balance,
- Reducing harmful microorganisms such as E. coli and Salmonella through "competitive exclusion" in the gut,
- Helping to prevent constipation and diarrhea
Digestion Aid Immunity Support
MSM (methylsulfonylmethane )MSM, methylsulfonylmethane, provides highly BIO-AVAILABLE sulfur, a vital building block element of joints, cartilage, skin, hair and nails, and methyl groups, which support many of the vital biochemical processes including energy production.

MSM is a found in small amounts naturally in many foods. When high quality MSM is synthesized for use as a dietary supplement it is identical to that found in nature.

MSM helps to deliver sulfur to the body, sulfur helps to maintain the structure of connective tissue by forming cross-linkages through disulfide bonds, i.e., sulfur strengthens the tissues that make up the joint.

Sulfur is critical to good joint health. Glycosaminoglycans, the fundamental building blocks of joint cartilage, are linked together in chains by disulfide bonds. As the name implies, these bonds are between two sulfur atoms, making cartilage firm and resilient. Cartilage health and integrity is thus a sulfur-dependent state.

MSM contains a large amount of sulfur – 34% by weight.

US clinical research has shown that MSM is safe and effective in increasing joint comfort and supporting a normal range of motion.

MSM can be taken alone however most commonly it is used in combination with glucosamine and chondroitin for a powerful synergistic effect.
Cartilage Hip & Joint Health Support

Skin and Coat Health Support
Probiotic Bacteria BlendClinically proven unique types of Probiotic Bacteria in effective dosages are used.
Lactobacillus acidophilus
Lactobacillus casei
Bacillus licheniformis GG-0260
Bacillus subtilis GG-0227
Bifido bacterium bifidium
Enterococcus faecium

Probiotics are live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts provide a measurable health benefit to the animal. Researchers are finding that probiotics can improve general overall health and enhanced immunity response.

Health Benefits of Daily Fed Probiotics:
- Inhibit Growth of Pathogens
- Enhance Growth of Friendly Beneficial Bacteria
- Reduce Toxins In Digestive Tract
- Increase Immunity or Resistance to Infections
- Prevents / Treats Diarrhea, especially following treatment with certain antibiotics
- Produce Vitamins & Nutrients
- Alleviates Bloating, Foul Breath and Flatulence
- Beneficial In Helping To Avoid Candida (yeast infections)
Digestion Immunity
Rice Bran - StabilizedRice bran is the outer brown layer of the rice kernel which is removed during the rice milling process of white rice for human consumption. Since bran is such a small portion of the rice kernel, it has been estimated that nearly 1000 pounds of rice must be milled to produce a single 50 pound bag of stabilized rice bran.

Stabilized rice bran provides some unique potent antioxidants, B vitamins and trace nutrients that play a vital role in so many aspects of animal physiology.

- Antioxidants and co-factors such as Gamma Oryzanol and Phytosterols
- Vitamin E complex with complete Tocotrienol & Tocopherol
- Naturally rich in niacin (B3), thiamin (B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2) vitamins
- Inositol helping prevent the collection of fats in the liver and impacts cancer cells
- Carotenoids, including beta-carotene
- Essential amino acids including tryptophan, histidine, methionine, cystein, cystine, and argenine.
Cancer Prevention Support
Salmon Meat Dried Naturally Stabilized

with mixed Tocopherols and Rosemary
Real salmon meat – no heads and no viscera! a very high quality easily digested protein source - minimum 62% protein - low in ash and ideal for growth and maintenance. 
Salmon Oil
DHA Omega-3
EPA Omega-3
REAL Salmon Oil with a natural ratio of 9% EPA : 11% DHA Our select low temperature processed genuine salmon oil is ACTUALLY REAL GENUINE SALMON OIL.

Real genuine NATURAL salmon oil has a natural ratio of 9% EPA:11% DHA or a range of 6:10 or 8:8 because of natural diets variation season to season. If you see products heavily promoted as being a "Wild Pacific Salmon Oil" and it has a ratio of 18% EPA : 12% DHA you know that they must have used some extremely strange "Wild Pacific Salmon"! Most likely they are just using an ordinary wild fish, (anchovy, mackerel and sardine) oil blend of 18% EPA : 12% DHA and are passing it off as a "Wild Pacific Salmon Oil"!
Skin and Coat Health Support

Cancer prevention

Immune System

Anti- inflammatory
Selenium Enriched Yeast

Chelated Organic SELENIUM
Selenium is an essential trace mineral and small amounts of selenium are very good for overall health status. Feed ingredients have very variable amounts of selenium as it depends on the selenium levels in the soil where the plants were grown.

Selenium has a wide variety of functions. It helps make a very special protein antioxidant enzyme, which along with Vitamin E and other antioxidant agents play a vital role in preventing harmful damage caused by peroxidative reactions in body cells.

Selenium reacts with toxic heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and arsenic producing biologically inert compounds.
- Some research and medical information has shown that selenium may help prevent certain types of cancers.
- Helps immune system to combat viruses
- Helps to maintain healthy eyes, skin and coat

A Word Regarding Minerals and Bioavailability Of the 93 naturally occurring elements, most mammalian species must get approximately 50 from their diet in order to maintain a normal state of health.

In addition to the six core elements (carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur and phosphorus) of which carbohydrates, fats, proteins and nucleic acids are comprised, many other elements are essential to the nutritional requirements of mammals.

Some of these elements are required in relatively large quantities, in excess of 100 mg/day these are termed "macro". Others are required in much smaller quantities, on the order of a few mg per day. These are termed "micro" or "trace" elements.

Over the past 50 years, continuous efforts have been made to meet the nutritional requirements of pets through the scientific formulation of pet foods. Traditionally, trace mineral supplementation is achieved by the addition of simple inorganic salts such as copper sulfate and zinc oxide.

Most of the research done on mineral needs were carried out 30 to 50 years ago and may not apply to our modern day pet's requirements because of the ingredients used in today's pet foods and high temperature processing practices.

Research has shown however that the BIOAVAILABILITY and hence the performance enhancement achieved by trace metal supplementation was significantly improved if the mineral metal was added in the form of a metal-protein complex or "chelate". In essence a "chelated mineral" is as close to nature's plant form as is possible in processing today. WellyTails uses these forms of minerals.
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Shark Cartilage PowderThe raw shark cartilage material comes from sharks that were harvested for their meat from a tightly quota managed sustainable fishing resource from pristine New Zealand ocean waters.

A proprietary drying technology is used in the process of making shark cartilage powder and is critical to maintaining the integrity of the natural components in the shark cartilage ensuring high BIOACTIVITY.

Shark cartilage powder is traditionally used as a natural supplement for sufferers of deteriorated joints and joint pain inflammation conditions. Shark cartilage powder provides chondroitin sulphate and proteins widely recognized as being associated with joint pain relief and aiding with joint mobility.

Shark cartilage powder has been recognized and used widely by holistic veterinarians in equine and canine natural supplement products to help with bone and joint problems.
Cartilage Hip & Joint Health Support
TaurineTaurine is an amino acid that was discovered as critical for cats when cases of kittens suffering dilated cardiomyopathy (a disorder of the heart muscle) being exhibited because of a lack of Taurine in their diet.

Cat foods have been using Taurine in them for quite some time because of the benefits that it delivers.

Recently it was shown that some dogs may also have a dietary requirement for taurine and benefit from taurine supplementation.

Dogs' bodies can make their own taurine from two other amino acids, cysteine and methionine however some dogs are less efficient at converting these two amino acids to make taurine and cannot make an optimal amount.

Many pet parents feed a lamb and rice based dog food formula, however since lamb is lower in cysteine and methionine than some other meat protein sources a situation where a dog that is inefficient at making taurine and a lamb and rice based diet could result with a taurine deficient dog. This can be much more pronounced with large breed dogs fed a lamb diet.

A taurine deficiency in dogs causes the same type of heart disease that it does in cats, dilated cardiomyopathy or DCM.

Some premium dog foods are now adding taurine although the vast majority of dog foods do not have it added. Commercials dog foods, commercial raw pet foods and homemade diet formulations which appeared sufficient in protein and sulfur amino acid content, and met the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) feeding trials for all life stages have resulted in dogs exhibiting a taurine deficiency.
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Tuna Oil DHA Omega-3 EPA Omega-35% EPA : 25% DHA ratio Naturally high ratio amount of DHA Omega-3Brain
Levucell SB is Saccharomyces cerevisiae type boulardii registered at the Pasteur Institute Collection. This is a very specific yeast cell that is clinically researched – it is NOT brewers yeast.

Health Benefits Of Daily Fed Levucell SB Are:
- Improves intestinal health and efficacy
- Stimulates immune system
- Lowers the prevalence of diarrhea occurring
Yucca schidigera
Yucca schidigera is a natural product from ingredients extracted from the desert yucca plant. Research has shown that a reduction in ammonia and other harmful gasses associated with dog fecal excretions. University clinical trials have reported that a 30 to 50% reduction of ammonia and other noxious gases.Digestion
Zinc Methionine Complex
Chelated Organic ZINC
Zinc is an essential trace mineral for all animals. It is involved in some 100 enzyme reactions. Zinc is required for the immune system, for reproduction and for regeneration of skin, hair and connective tissues. Some of the critical functions of zinc are:

- Enzyme systems: Zinc is an essential component of many different enzymes.
- Immune system function: special importance is the need for zinc to promote effective function of phagocytic cells that are the major mechanism used to remove bacteria and pathogens.
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