Why Choose Daisy's?

Daisy's Tear Stain Away
Angels' Eyes
Formula 1:
Pure Chicken Liver, Tylosin as tartrate, plus NuPro®,
Formula 1:
Pure Chicken, Tylosin as tartrate
Formula 2:
Pure dried sweet potato, Stablized rice bran, Vegetable protein flavor, Tylosin as tartrate
Formula 2:
Sweet potato, Brown rice, Sodium acid phosphosphate, Tylosin as tartrate
Daisy’s Tear Stain Away is significantly less expensive than Angels’ Eyes. (in CAD dollars)

Both are Available in 30g., 60g.,120g., and 240g. size bottles; both require the same recommended doses for the same period of time. DAISY'S TEAR STAIN AWAY is a Canadian product and is significantly less expensive than Angels' Eyes product.

Tylosin is the active ingredient in bth, DAISY'S TEAR STAIN AWAY and Angels' Eyes, that is used to eliminate tear stains quickly. Tylosin is a macrolide antibiotic, used to eliminate bacteria in cats, dogs and many other animals. Both DAISY'S TEAR STAIN AWAY and the Angels' Eyes products use the ingredient tylosin which helps to prevent tear staining in pets by tying up circulating porphyrins. A porphyrin is a compound that reacts with light to produce a reddish brown stain

Q: Is DAISY'S TEAR STAIN AWAY exactly the same as ANGEL'S EYES?
A: No, Both contain the active ingredient "TYLOSIN" and both do contain pure chicken liver, however, DAISY'S TEAR STAIN AWAY (Chicken formula), contains NUPRO® an additional ingredient. This ingredient is a high quality supplement added for the benefit of your pet. DAISY'S TEAR STAIN AWAY is not the same as ANGEL'S EYES . DAISY'S TEAR STAIN AWAY is a superior product which, in addition to helping to eliminate the unsightly tear and saliva stains from your pet, is designed with the health of your pet in mind.

What is Nupro®?
Nupro supplements are holistic products without preservatives, sugars, grains and by-products that have been responsible for some health problems in dogs, such as allergies and weight gain.

Ingredients: The standard dog formula contains liver, Norwegian kelp, bee pollen, yeast culture, flaxseed, ground borage seed, lecithin, garlic, the probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus and calcium citrate. The electrolyte supplement consists of minerals, while the joint supplement contains the same ingredients as the standard formula as well as glucosamine, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and Ester-C. The cat formula contains the same ingredients as the dog formula, plus fish meal and alfalfa.. The dog formula is used in DAISY'S TEAR STAIN AWAY (good for both dogs and cats)

In addition; DAISY'S TEAR STAIN AWAY does recommend an intelligent and comprehensive alternative, approach to the treatment of Tear Stains and Saliva Stains. We highly recommend that prior to and most definitely during the use of "DAISY'S TEAR STAIN AWAY" that pets are also treated with one probiotic plus enzyme blends from our "DAISY"S OPTIMUM HEALTH" Product line. Not only are the products in our Daisy's Optimum Health line an essential health benefit to your pet they are also extremely economical to use every day. These probiotics plus enzymes are designed not only to help minimize Tear Stains and Saliva Stains but also to help maximize your pets quality of life.