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Tear Stain Away – Chicken Liver


Specifically developed for both dogs and cats to help eliminate unsightly tear stains from the inside out!

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Product Description

DAISY’S TEAR STAIN AWAY is a pet tear remover product specifically developed for both dogs and cats to help eliminate unsightly tear stains from the inside out!

DAISY’S TEAR STAIN AWAY helps to prevent tear staining in pets by tying up circulating porphyrins. A porphyrin is a compound that reacts with light to produce a reddish brown stain Simple health concerns are often the major cause of excess tearing. Some of these are natural, a such as the cutting of first and permanent teeth. However, dogs or cats of any age with teeth or gum problems are likely to have extra tear staining. Ear mites and ear infections, or any health problem – especially those in the head, neck, and chest areas – may also contribute to staining. Pet owners that have pets with these conditions should seek immediate veterinary care, in order to rule out these health conditions. Finally, allergies of any kind, as well as reactions to certain dyes or ingredients in food can also cause excessive tear stains. Stress, due to anxiety and toxins in the environment contribute to Candida and red yeast overgrowth in your pet. Also predisposed genetics may be a factor. When the facial hair is wet from excess tearing, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. One of the most common yeast infections is Ptyrosporin (Red Yeast), which can cause a deep reddish- brown stain. Low-grade bacterial infections in the tear ducts are also common and may cause excess tearing and staining. Can be determined by having a culture done through your veterinarian. Overall the condition of Red Yeast and Candida overgrowth is systemic, and requires treatment within the digestive system, from the inside, out.

The ingredients in DAISY’S TEAR STAIN AWAY when used, as directed, can significantly minimize both Ptyrosporin (Red Yeast) and Candida bacteria in your dog or cat. In addition when supplemented with DAISY’S OPTIMUM HEALTH line of natural, probiotic and enzyme supplements, will help to enable your pet to systemically, minimize the re-growth of red yeast and candida, naturally without antibiotics. Probiotics & enzymes, do not contain antibiotics. DAISY’S TEAR STAIN AWAY is added directly to your pet’s food or water and is wheat and dye free.

It is made of pure chicken liver, tylosin as tartrate and Nupro®. Tylosin is a macrolide antibiotic, used to eliminate bacteria in cats, dogs and many other animals. Nupro supplements are holistic products without preservatives, sugars, grains and by-products.

Daisy’s Tear Stain Away comes in 4 sizes & two formulas, chicken or sweet potato.

Recommended treatment is everyday for first 3 months, 4 times a week second 3 months then twice a week for up to 9 months. Trim away existing stained hair, newly grown hair should be stain free. For better results use Daisy’s Optimum

30g. bottle Contains 15 tsp.
60g. bottle Contains 30 tsp.
120g.bottle Contains 60 tsp.
240g.bottle Contains 120 tsp.
Puppies and kittens under 12 weeks 1/8 tsp. daily
Dogs and cats 2 to 4 lbs 1/4 tsp. daily
Dogs and cats 5 to 7 lbs 1/2 tsp. daily
Dogs and cats 8 to 11 lbs 3/4 tsp. daily
Dogs and cats 12 lbs and up 1 tsp. daily


It is highly recommended for best results,when using antibiotics such as Tylison (macrolide antibiotic) which is the active ingredient in both the Angel’s Eyes Product as well as DAISY’S TEAR STAIN AWAY, be supplemented with Probiotics plus Enzymes. Both DAISY’S OPTIMUM HEALTH MEGA 8 PROBIOTIC FLORA PLUS DIGESTIVE ENZYMES, an all natural products, when used long term, could significantly minimize staining in some pets without the use of antibiotics. It is recommended to use this product either during and / or following Daisy’s Tear Stain Away Treatment.

Use and Feeding Instructions – SHAKE WELL BEFORE EACH USE

Suggested use: Mix with food. Give recommended dosage daily for first 3 months then the following additional 3 months every other day, if necessary may continue twice a week for up to 2 additional months.

*If mixing with water, add water to the dry mixture do not add dry mixture to water.

FOR BEST RESULTS: To minimize the red yeast and Candida re-growth, we recommend to use DAISY’S OPTIMUM HEALTH “3 WAY PROBIOTIC FLORA PLUS ZINC” this supplement is all natural and provides your pet with 3 extremely effective probiotics which inhibit the growth of pathogens as well as enhance the growth of beneficial bacteria; Zinc, promoting the effective function of cells that are used to remove bacteria and pathogens.

DAISY’S OPTIMUM HEALTH MEGA 8 PROBIOTIC FLORA PLUS DIGESTIVE ENZYMES” this supplement will replenish your pet’s health naturally with 8 carefully selected probiotics, plus enzymes, holistic herbs, essential minerals and vitamin supplements, to keep tear stains and saliva stains away.

As you keep trimming the stained areas, the newly grown coat will be clear of any tear staining. The speed of your pet’s coat growth pattern will determine if it will be completely tear stain free in approximately 3 to 5 weeks time.

As recommended:
DAISY’S OPTIMUM HEALTH 3 WAY PROBIOTIC FLORA PLUS ZINC or DAISY’S OPTIMUM HEALTH MEGA 8 PROBIOTIC FLORA PLUS DIGESTIVE ENZYMES” are recommended as a supplement throughout the treatment and following the treatment of DAISY’S TEAR STAIN AWAY.

Once tear stains and saliva stains disappear, DAISY’S OPTIMUM HEALTH formulas, will naturally minimize the rapid re-occurrence of red yeast and candida in your pets digestive system. DAISY’S OPTIMUM HEALTH PROBIOTIC FLORA & DIGESTIVE ENZYMES contain essential probiotics, enzymes , holistic herbs , minerals and vitamins to keep your pets immune system healthy and will naturally minimize the rapid re-occurrence of red yeast and candida in your pets digestive system. As a result, systemically your pets immune system will be healthy and will naturally minimize unwanted bacteria, without the use of antibiotics.

120 teaspoons, scoop inside bottle equals one half teaspoon measure.

NuPro® is a registered trademark of Alltech.

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